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Online Casino Project >>> Online Bingo Games

Welcome to our online bingo page. Here we present reviews of what we have deemed to be the best internet bingo sites doing business today, as well as detailed information about the game of bingo. Remember, not just any bingo room can be listed here. In order to be reviewed, bingo rooms must first pass our strict compliance test, which includes proper licensing, the use of accredited, 100% fair and secure software, comprehensive 24/7 offering of free and cash bingo games, affordable cards, generous loyalty programs and promotions, large membership numbers, guaranteed payouts, fast deposit and withdrawal processing times, supervised chat rooms and top customer service ratings. Secondly, all of the bingo rooms reviewed below must maintain all of the aforementioned standards on a daily basis. An excellent track record and reputation for top quality customer service is an absolute requirement. Below are summary reviews of our top-ranked bingo rooms online, followed by a brief history of bingo in general and the evolution of internet bingo through the current times.

Bingo Room Rank Our Reviews of these Safe Online Bingo Rooms Software / Bonus
1. BingoWorkz One of the most popular bingo rooms making up the World Bingo Network, BingoWorkz is a well-established and safe place to purchase cards ranging from nickels to $1. Multiple bingo game themes, chat games and even casino games and keno is available here. The software platform is highly user-friendly and graphically superior than most rooms...Read Review

Proprietary Software
250% Welcome Bonus - Player Appreciation Month

2. USA Bingo USA Bingo is a fast growing bingo room open to players from around the world. Seven game themes are available here, including a High Rollers Bingo game with $1 cards. Payouts are guaranteed for every game, with up to 80% of all card sales going back to players as cash prizes...Read Review

Proprietary Software
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Reload Bonuses up to 300%

3. Desperate Housewives Bingo The name says it all. Desperate Housewives is all about the fun and entertainment, yet still holds strict standards when it comes time to paying out some of the largest bingo jackpots on the internet. Great chat, 24/7 bingo games, Bonus Bucks and a horde of chat games make this an active bingo room attracting more than just Desperate Housewives...Read Review

Proprietary Software
250% Welcome -Reload Bonuses on every deposit - Free Bonus Bucks

Although the origins of bingo incite a certain degree of debate, the notion that bingo is a popular pastime to this day cannot be disputed. The first prototype of bingo is largely thought to have have been an offspring of the Italian lottery, which was started in 1530. It was not until the late 1700's that the first bingo cards were made in France, and the game started off on its rise to a peak in popularity during the 1800's.

After a toy dealer from New York City, Ed Lowe, witnessed the game being played at a carnival in France, he ran back to America and billed the game "Beano" because of his choice to use dried beans for game markers. The rumor is that while a woman was playing the game in its early test stages at Lowe's home in New York, she found herself getting overly anxious to be the first to win. Instead of yelling "Beano" when her card finally won, the woman inadvertently yelled "Bingo", which thereon became the affectionately embraced name of the game to this day.

With the advent of online casino gambling in the mid-nineties, it was only a matter of time before gaming software would be developed to cater to the large demographic of existing land-based bingo players who had online acess, as well as the large amount of untapped gamblers who either never played bingo before or only did so as a child. Nowadays, there are numerous online bingo rooms on the Web - many with thousands of registered players competing for jackpots as large as some of the progressive slot machine jackpots found at online casinos. There is no doubt that with the global interconnectedness of the internet, bingo has become a formidable game of large money jackpots and heightened sociability.

It is very likely that you are already familiar with how to play bingo. Well, it is no different online, aside from learning the appropriate mouse-clicking options and software features. If you have never played bingo before, well it is simply one of the easiest games to learn, not to mention one of the most fun to play. Unlike a land-based bingo parlor, where the jackpots are smaller and interaction is usually limited to only those other players sitting nearby, online bingo brings together thousands of players contributing to single jackpots, all of whom have chat and messaging features to contact other players logged into the software.

When playing bingo online, there is also something to be said for the great convenience of doing so from one's home computer. Besides not having to deal with a smoky bingo room (or non-smoking bingo parlors for those of you like to smoke while you play), online bingo rooms offer great promotions, free cash and prizes that you would be hard pressed to find in a land-based room. Although it may be hard for some traditionalist bingo players to digest, online bingo for money is the wave of the future for this fun and exciting game.


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