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Online Casino Project >>> Casinos Blacklist >>> Player Complaints

As Online Casino Project has grown into an authority source for online casino gambling over the years, the number of player complaints sent our way has been a steady component of our time spent directly communicating with players. Unfortunately, practically all of these players did not find us until after the fact - After they incurred some form of abuse inflicted by an online casino not endorsed on our site. In fact, nine times out of ten, a reported casino had already been listed on our Casinos Blacklist page. In mid-2007, we decided to go one step further and begin sharing the player complaints that we were receiving. Although there were many more that had long since been deleted from our email inbox, we have held onto the most recent one's for you to read yourself. Again, we can't stress enough, that no matter how good the bonus may seem, if you gamble at any of the online casinos listed below or on our Blacklist page, you are putting your money at extreme risk.

There are many crooked sites doing business on the Web. There are also many excellent, regulated sites with transparent operations and guaranteed fairness. We do not even bother reviewing the bad ones. That's all there is to the review. Don't gamble there - they are bad. The good ones - Well, we choose these carefully too. We only review the best of the best. For one, this is in keeping with our mission to be the #1 source for accurate online gambling information. Our own reputation is at stake. Two, by doing so, we have the power to guarantee mediation on the player's behalf if a problem or issue is to arise. Fortunately we have hardly had to exercise this power. The times that we have (which were for small issues and/or miscommunication), every player has gotten paid. That being said, if you now find yourself confirming that you were swindled by a gaming site, please let us know about it and we will post your complaint (with your permission - full anonymity guaranteed) to help put the crooks out of business and keep other players from falling into their traps. Please send your complaints to:

Casino Month/Year Issue Report
Casino Vega July, 2007 Withheld payout of $5,000. Closed player's account for winning too much. Read Report
Lucky Pyramid Casino July, 2007 Stalled payments and "backlogged" operations. Read Report
Prism Casino July, 2007 Non payment of $875 and discourteous customer service. Read Report
Prism Casino June, 2007 Non-payment; Rude customer service;
Fake Watchdog Approval
Read Report
High Rollers Lounge May, 2007 Declined withdrawal request; Neglectful customer service Read Report
Lucky Pyramid Casino May, 2007 Withheld cashout; Unanswered emails and phone calls Read Report
Golden Nile Casino May, 2007 Non-payment of winnings; Unresponsive customer service Read Report
LasVegas USA Apr, 2007 Non-payment of rightful winnings in excess of $19,000 Read Report

Crystal Palace

Mar, 2007

Unfair gaming software at Blackjack

Read Report

Lucky Pyramid Casino Feb, 2007 Non-payment of winnings for $750; Customer service runaround Read Report
Golden Nile Casino Jan, 2007 Blocked account and withheld winnings; Bad customer service Read Report
Lady Dream Casino Nov, 2006 Withheld payments exceeding $2,000 Read Report
Lady Dream Casino Nov, 2006 Blocked from account; Withheld winnings totaling $2,300 Read Report
Lady Dream Casino Nov, 2006 Blocked from account;
Withheld winnings exceeding $1,000
Read Report
Lady Dream Casino Oct, 2006 Withholding rightful winnings in the amount of $2,750 Read Report
Lady Dream Casino Oct, 2006 Unwarranted seizure of $400 Read Report
CaribSports May, 2006 Unfair gaming software at Blackjack Read Report

Click below for detailed blacklists of online casinos and Internet sportsbooks:

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