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Online Casino Project >>> Casinos Blacklist >>> Crystal Palace Casino

Crystal Palace Casino Player Complaints

Crystal Palace Casino is the forerunner gaming site of the Crystal Palace Group, which has been the source of more player complaints sent our way than any other group of online casinos. The following email was sent by a player recounting his experiences playing blackjack at Crystal Palace Casino. Considering their track record of non-payments to their players, we would not throw it past Crystal Palace Casino to operate unfair gaming software. Don't be fooled that all Real Time Gaming online casinos are unfair. In the hands of unethical operators, any software platform can go foul. Shame on Kahnawake Gaming Commission for still allowing Crystal Palace to keep their license.


My name is Johnathan S. and I live California. I would like to share my experience of playing in Crystal Palace Casino and its other sister casinos such as Powerbet, Lucky Pyramid, Might Slots etc.
I like playing blackjack. It is my favorite game. When I play in Crystal Palace and all its other sister casinos, the chances of winning is very low. For example, when my two cards add up to 20, the dealer ends up with 21 by hitting a low face card value. This happens so many times when I log in to play. Another thing I came across is that the result in a tie with the dealer happens many times. The dealer usually has a smaller value than mine and it seems that the majority of the time the dealer hit ends up in a tie. I'm not talking about $100 hands. I'm talking about hands in the thousands.
I feel that its software is very unfair. I've lost like $20,000 gambling on that site. I have a very fair chance of winning on other sites and in land based casinos. Supposedly, internet casinos are suppose to offer a better payout than land based casinos. I can definitely tell you that not in Crystal palace or all its other sister casinos.
I so much regret playing in Crystal Palace. I wish I knew about your Blacklist even before playing.
Johnathan S.

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