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Crystal Palace Group Casino Player Complaints

We have received more player complaints regarding the Crystal Palace Group than any other online casino group on our blacklist. The Crystal Palace Group is owned by Crystal Isle Management Ltd. and has behaved questionably on several occasions, ranging from changing their name to hiding behind their terms and conditions. Several online casinos in the Crystal Palace Group have been accused of refusing payment of winnings to players. While the casinos claim to be protected by their terms and conditions, they have made no attempts to clarify or explain their actions. Bad customer service and nprofessional behavior have given the Crystal Palace Group of online casinos their own page in our Casino Blacklist Directory. The following are some of the Crystal Palace online casinos we have received complaints about.

Player complaints against Golden Nile Casino have surfaced on a few occasions. Read  Player's Complaints of Golden Nile Casino

We have received complaints against the Crystal Palace site, Lucky Pyramid Casino. Read some of our email correspondences we have received regarding Lucky Pyramid Casino

The Crystal Palace Group's very own Crystal Palace Casino has also been the object of repeated player complaints for non-payment of winnings. Read player complaints against Crystal Palace Casino

In addition to the above online casinos, we have also received player complaints about High Rollers Lounge Casino. Here is what one player recently had to say about them in May, 2007:

Do you have any information on highrollerslounge, i've played on this site for 2 weeks or so. i've been trying to cash-out and they keep e-mailing that they need copies of my drivers license,a recent utility bill,and a copy of the credit card i used.front and back, they keep stalling,saying that they will get back to me in 48 hours,and when they do,they say my request for a withdraw is declined for various reasons. Any info you can give would be much appreciated.

As far as we can tell, all of the following sites are or were at one time owned and managed by Crystal Isle Management Ltd. They may or may not be up and running at the current time. The bottom line is that you should avoid visiting their sites in the first place:

Crystal Palace Casino
Golden Nile Casino
American Grand Casino
High Rollers Lounge
Lucky Pyramid Casino
Cleopatras Casino
Vegas Riches
My Online Casino
Club Regal
Casino Zeal
Americas Online
American Circus Casino
Lucky Coin Casino
Royal Circus Casino
Club Mardis Gras
Club Regal

Visit our Player Complaints page, for more player testimonies on blacklisted casinos.

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