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Online Casino Project >>> Online Casinos Blacklist

Click below for detailed blacklists of online casinos and Internet sportsbooks:

Visit our Player Complaints page, for actual player testimonies on blacklisted casinos.

Online Casino blacklists can be a valuable tool for both new and seasoned gamblers in search of a casino to play.  There is such a large selection of betting sites on the Web, that passing on an online casino because it happened to show up on a blacklist is not a difficult decision to make.  There are not nearly as many blacklists in circulation than there are legitimate casinos offering substantial bonuses, promotions, good odds, and the like.  Therefore, the selection process becomes more simplified just to eliminate a casino because it was either blacklisted by one or several "watchdogs" or simply because a player proclaimed a scandal of abuse against the casino.

It is for these often unfair and unwarranted claims that some casinos ("some" meaning very few) do not deserve to be blacklisted.  There are just as many cheating players seeking a quick buck as there are crooked gambling sites...if not more.  What you may hear often described as "bonus hunters" are gamblers who go against casino rules by using fake identities to open multiple accounts, and consequently multiple bonuses.  Afterwards, when the player tries to cash out their winnings and the casino freezes both accounts, the player will cry bloody murder, commencing on a campaign of bashing blogs and slanderous forum postings about the casino.  There are even players skilled with the technology to create fake screen shots of winning jackpots.  At this stage, the player may acquire the help of a mediator or casino watchdog to negotiate with the casino on the players behalf.  Unbeknownst to the mediator, the player is in the wrong, but presents their case otherwise.  More often than not, these players are found out, but usually after doing discredit to the casino. 

This being said, do not believe everything you hear about a casino - good and bad.  The most important factor should be the source of the information.  Forums are not always the best place to start off a casino search.  These can be biased and misdirected. Rather, begin with the blacklist itself. In order for any particular list to have merit, it should always state the reason a gambling site was blacklisted in the first place.  The best blacklists are one's that ban online casinos for partaking in any of the following acts:

  • Gaming software is programmed to produce unfair odds - Monthly audits by recognized third parties will keep this from happening;  Therefore, do not play at a casino who is not subjecting itself to monthly audits.  Only when an actuary (statistical expert) has tested the software and verifies the software to be unfair, should the casino be blacklisted.

  • Casino Withholds Player Winnings - When an online casino refuses payment due to claims which cannot be proven, this is grounds for an immediate blacklisting. Intentionally stalled payments and non-payment of winnings and/or original deposits for illegitimate reasons is unacceptable.

  • Gaming Software is given a fake seal of approval - Some casinos have forged and illegally copied gaming fairness approval seals, when in reality were never tested for such.

  • Casino hides behind Terms & Conditions and/or does not meet them - In regards to bonus conditions, oftentimes there are many disputes.  Most gaming mediators will agree that the act of seizing all of a players funds because of bonus abuse is not warranted.  It is permissible to close an account entirely, and to deny future bonus privileges; However, taking a players deposits and winnings is overstepping one's authority.  There are online casinos out there who have untruthfully accused players of bonus abuse and seized all funds.

    Terms and conditions serve to protect any business from getting sued, as well as their intellectual and property rights. This is understandable. However, if a casino repeatedly uses their T&C's to cheat players out of winnings or blocks player's from accessing their accounts, they deserve to be blacklisted on the grounds of horrible customer service - not to mention bad ethics.

  • The casino abuses players privacy - There have been several cases in which casinos have released a player's email address to pornography spammers and other similar businesses.  Whether the casino operators are also running these sites, or are being paid off to release confidential information is unethical and invalidates the casinos credibility.

  • The casino does not address charges against them - If a casino does not address complaints or accusations by means of not returning emails and phone calls from players or gambling mediators, the casino should be blacklisted.  If the casino was not in the wrong, they would surely defend themselves.  If not, either they do not know the slightest thing about public relations, (and consequently, customer service) or, they are hiding something and feel that by not addressing the issue it will go away.

Remember, a legitimate blacklist should be fair in presenting both sides of the case.  If, for instance, there was a misunderstanding or miscommunication between the player and casino, and the casino later diplomatically resolved the dispute, it should be given the benefit of doubt, and removed from the blacklist.  However, if the same casino operators have repeatedly been involved in similar disputes, they are likely trying to see how far they can go with making the cases against them seem like misunderstandings.  Only when they see the boundaries of their infringement becoming noticeable do they pay up and pretend everything is okay again.  These casinos should be avoided, and will probably come up on many gambling forum posts, which is what the best gambling forums are good for anyhow - revealing repeated accusations of similar nature from several gamblers against a single betting site. 

The Casino Blacklist here at Online Casino Project is one compiled from several online gaming authority sources, including gaming actuaries such as The Wizard of Odds ( Off Shore Gaming Commission and several respected online casino watchdogs and player mediators.  The reasons for being blacklisted are explained, and meet any or all of the exemption acts listed above.  For convenience purposes, the blacklist has been separated to show casinos and sportsbooks individually.


Hot Pepper Casino has been blacklisted for ceasing to honor their end of a marketing agreement. Although not as severe as some of the infringements that other online casinos have been guilty of, the actions of Hot Pepper, nonetheless, give us good cause to question their customer service and player relations. Until they address and fix this situation, they will remain blacklisted. Read about the blacklisting of Hot Pepper Casino

Following a recent string of player complaints against several Crystal Palace Group online casinos (owned by Crystal Isle Management Ltd.), we have created a separate blacklist page for the Crystal Palace Group. A dishonorable achievement to say the least, Crystal Palace was blacklisted several years ago for similar charges, most of which fall under unprofessional service, questionable customer relations, non-payment of winnings and non-responsiveness in regards to the complaints brought up against them. Read about Crystal Palace Casinos. Read Player Complaints of Golden Nile Casino. We have also received complaints against Lucky Pyramid Casino and the group's self-named online casino Crystal Palace Casino

Online Casino Project has double-blacklisted Lady Dream Casino for alleged unwarranted seizure of winnings from several players. Lady Dream Casino management has not responded to repeated attempts at contacting them, or made any attempt to address and rectify the situation. As a result, they have been Blacklisted...for the second time. The first time was due to their association with the Wager 21 Group of online casinos...Player Complaints of Lady Dream Casino

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