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Lady Dream Casino Player Complaints

The following are player complaints regarding Lady Dream Casino, who have blocked several players from receiving their winnings. As a result of no attempt by Lady Dream management to explain their actions (after several attempts contacting them), Lady Dream online casino has been added to our Blacklist....In fact, Lady Dream Casino was on our blacklist before - being part of the blacklisted Wager 21 Group of online casinos. Again, always check our online casino blacklist first, before joining an online casino you do not see reviewed on our site.


I wish I had found your site earlier. I have won over $7000. at Lady Dream, and have only recieved $1000. They have closed my account and also blocked my Directnetpay account.

I should explain the whole story. On Oct 26th I took $250 out of my directnetpay account and put it in my sister's Lady Dream account. Shortly after that, they blocked both of our accounts and refuse to send any of my winnings. She only had around $400 in hers(including the deposit I had made) I had over $6700 in my directnetpay account which they refuse to send.  3 withdrawals had already been processed for release on Oct 11 and 1 on Oct 27th, for $2750 total. We live in different towns and have different addresses. They say I have multiple accounts, which I don't, but their Customer Service and communication is sorely lacking. They are now returning all my emails as undeliverable. If they don't want me playing there anymore, that's fine with me, but I do feel they owe me the money in my directnetpay account. That was my money, not theirs to take back, won fair and square. But they refuse.

Maybe I messed up transferring that money, but if it was against the rules, their system shouldn't have allowed the transaction to take place. Being new to online gambling I didn't realize what might happen.

Is there anything you or I can do to at least collect the already processed money that should have already been sent in the first place. I get no response from DirectNetPay either, since I have determined they are the same place, unless I am wrong, but I don't think so.

I do have records of all emails recieved comfirming all my withdrawals.
Thanks for any help or advice you can give me,

Diane R.

Here is a follow-up from Diane R.:

Hi Benjamin,

Thank you for your response. I truly hope you can help me.

I have 25 approved cashout requests for a total of $6000, and there was another approx $900 in my account when they blocked it. It was put into my directnetpay account, but I can't access that either to find out what the exact amount was. I believe it was just shy of $900. Included it that amount are 4 cashouts already processed by directnetpay for a total of $2750 that I have not recieved, as I stated in my original email. My account logon was ......... ( they did not give me any number) just my email and a password.

Thank you again for trying to help.

Diane R.

Here is an email sent by Diane's sister:

My logon was ........ my sister, Diane R. wanted me to pass this information on to you in the hopes you could help us out. 
Thank you for your assistance.

This is a copy of an email I had sent, and many, many similar emails with no response.  My emails come back not accepted, or I generally get no response.  I had only been playing on the site for a few weeks when my account was locked out.  I am very unhappy and feel I have been treated unfairly, and am wondering if there is anything that your firm can do for me.  Thank you for your attention.
Susan M.

Here is the email Susan sent to Lady Dream Casino:

I have been locked out of my account due to your claim of my having
multiple accounts.  I only have one account.  My sister had deposited
money into my account from hers while I was staying with her.  If this is
a violation of your policy, then why was this transaction allowed.  I
had over $400 in my account that I cannot access, cash out, or even
continue playing with.  Please advise how this issue can be rectified.  I
would appreciate a response as soon as possible.  At the very least, I
should be entitled to receive my deposits (3 at 19.75, and 1 @ $250.00)

Thank you for your consideration.

Susan M.

Here is the complaint of another player referred to us by Diane:

Hi benjamin,  My friend Diane has e-mailed you about problems she is having collecting game money that she has won on  i am having the same problem. At the same time they locked Diane out of her account, ladydream also cashed out everything i had won and the money that was still on my account that i was playing with ( $2012.45) It was all sent to Since that time I"ve had access to the game site, but it still will not let me deposit money to play with. The bigger issue is that DirectNet Pay has processed & says the money was sent on october 23,2006. It is now november 28th& I have yet to receive any of the $2012.45 that i have site states that you should receive your winnings within 14 weekdays after approval & states the same. It has been Much longer than this and you can surely see why I"m concerned.  My account for both Ladydream & DirectNetPay is under ........  Please keep me informed of any progress that you might be able to achive. Thank you very much for your help.   Sincerely, S. Schuler

Another player has problems with Lady Dream and DirectNetPay:

Hi Benjamin,

I was given your name with the hopes that you may have some advise or suggestions that may help with the following: I had won money playing ladydream, I was blocked from playing along with my account at where my money was deposited. They owe me $2299.60.  Everything was going fine until I started winning more money.  I am not sure if their sight became looser or what, but I started winning 100s of dollars and before I knew it, I was blocked.  Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help you can offer.



And yet another player with complaints comes forward:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was told you could  help me with my issue. On 11/29/06 was blocked out of from playing on their Web site. At that time they deposited my winnings into DirectNetPay. When I went to sign onto DirectNetPay. I was also blocked out of being able to sign onto them. DirectNetPay owes me a total of $1,030.00 dollars. I was approved by them to get 3 checks before I was blocked by Ladydream. I was approved on 11/14/06 for $180.00, 11/22/06 for $450.00, and 11/27/06 for $400.00. On 11/29/06 I was block out of DirectNetPay. I have tried to contact both of these Web sites and have not heard a thing from them. My sign on for both sites is ......... Could you help me out on my issue? Please respond back to me if you can help me.




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