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Online Casino Project >>> Casinos Blacklist >>> Lucky Pyramid Casino

Lucky Pyramid Casino Player Complaints

Lucky Pyramid Casino is yet another member of the Crystal Palace Group where several player disputes and complaints have surfaced. Ranging from blocked accounts, to denied payouts and neglectful customer service, the complaints we have received regarding Lucky Pyramid Casino seem to have a common thread - Customer service promises they will pay out winnings; Days, weeks, months go by, and then the casino stops answering emails altogether. Here are some of the emails players have sent to us about Lucky Pyramid Casino. Considering the reputation of the Crystal Palace Group, we are not surprised hear about this type of treatment.

Add me to the list of unhappy customers at Lucky Pyramid Casino.  My request for payout was approved on May 27.  To date, I have received nothing but excuses as to why my payout has not been processed.  The latest one is that they are "backlogged".  I also got the "you'll be receiving an ATM card shortly" excuse.  I have been treated politely, though, and my emails have been answered promptly.  I request a status update once a week.  Last week, I was told that most of the backlogged payouts were sent out "late last night and should be arriving in a few days".  At least the free side of the casino works well and is fun to play.  Play money is unlimited and it's fun to play at $100 a shot - even if it's not real.
Eleanor B.

Just one month prior to this email, here is another complaint:

I believe you should know how bad Lucky Pyramid Casino pays winners.

Rhonda H.

-----Original Message-----
From: John & Rhonda
Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2007 1:27 PM

Lucky Pyramid,

I requested a cash out on April 12th, 2007. I also received an email
confirming all required paperwork had been received dated April 15,2007.

As of today, MAY 7th, I have received no information, except a weekly phone
call I place to Lucky Casino and have been told "5-7 business days I'll
receive an ATM card" for 3 weeks.

This is not acceptable. Please reply explaining any additional remedies I
have available.

Rhonda H.

Unfortunately, this player is still waiting to get paid. Here's another email we received:

Dear Sirs,

I won $790 at Lucky Pyramid Casino on 2/1/07. I have called them 32 times and always get some crazy excuse that my withdrawal has been approved, but not sent out yet. Any suggestions??

Dick Dressel

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