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Online Casino Project >>> Casino Deposit Methods >>> Citadel

January 19, 2007 Update - Citadel is no longer facilitating withdrawals and deposits used for and/or acquired from real money online gambling accounts of U.S. citizens. Following suit of NETeller, we have provided a list of payment processors that can be used in the stead of Citadel and NETeller. Please visit our NETeller Alternatives page.

Citadel is only valid for Canadian online gamblers. The company is well known for providing exceptional services as a turnkey payment processor.  Citadel originally specialized in eCommerce fraud, and offered risk management solutions to online gambling sites.  e-Success, the parent company of Citadel Commerce companies, has long been a leading player in governmental lottery operations, and has now evolved into a giant solutions provider to more government lotteries (creating transaction auditing products), essentially all of the horseracing establishments in Canada.  Citadel insures all casinos are properly licensed and regulated before giving merchant status, which is even more of a comfort to know.  myCitadel is the most convenient way to go when setting up a deposit system with an online casino.

Opening an account with Citadel requires various forms of identification, so have them ready.  To get an idea of how secure this method is, you must register on the same computer that you used to open your online casino account with.  In addition, you will need:

Casino username and password, drivers license number or ID #, last four of Social Security, and a check with checking account number and routing information.

myCitadel, the personal cash deposit system run by Citadel Commerce, processes transactions for residents, worldwide.  ATM/Debit cards are available in addition to opening an online account. 

To open an account, a valid checking or savings account is required.

myCitadel works like a debit card in that it will hold funds from a personal account, making payments when authorized by the account owner.  All banking information is kept confidential, and is not shared with the merchant, which in this case would be the online casino.

The service is entirely free for making deposits and purchases, and only imposes small withdrawal charges.

 $5 charges on withdrawals back into the banking account of origin

If you do not use your account for ninety consecutive days, there is a $2 charge that will occur monthly so long as the account remains inactive.

Click below for more information on these deposit methods:

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