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Online Casino Project >>> Casino Deposit Methods

Deposits/Withdrawals Update: Reports Show Casinos Accepting U.S. Players

Please visit our NETeller Alternatives page for a listing of comparable payment methods to Neteller. UK Gamblers please visit our UK Casino Gambling page listing reputable UK online casino wallets.

Read on further for a brief history and breakdown of financial transaction processing in the online gambling industry, followed by a comprehensive listing of alternative payment methods and eWallets accepted at online casinos and poker rooms.

Picking a method of depositing funds at the online casino can be just as tedious and involved as picking an online casino.  The first five years that online casinos were in operation since 1997 was a liberal one in which players could max out an entire credit card in gambling wages.  But by May of 2002, the banking associations that manage Visa and Master Cards were beginning to block all credit card transactions that were being made at online gambling websites.  It is a requirement set forth by the banking associations that all credit card transactions must be identified by a specific merchant code.  In this case, the code "7995" would show up when a player would try to deposit funds into an online casino, and would consequently be blocked by the bank. 

The big "closer" on credit card gambling came in June of 2002, when Elliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York, put heavy pressure on the world's largest credit card issuer, CitiBank.  They too folded, and rightly so.  Case after case of internet financial fraud was coming up, which the banks backing the credit cards have no choice but to block or pay up.  Furthermore, Canada and many states in the U.S. do not enforce gambling debtors to pay back their acquired tabs.  This was keeping the banks from suing in order to retrieve lost funds, which was beginning to become a very ugly situation, not only for the casinos and the credit card companies, but the players as well.  One thing is certain:  Gamblers were not destroying their lives as often by gambling with money they never had in the first place.  Remember, gambling with credit is a big no-no.

PayPal, which is a third-party financial processor, seemed to be the logical choice for creating a loophole for players still wanting to gamble with credit cards.  And it was for a short while until the company was bought out by eBay and Elliot Spitzer began putting new pressure on PayPal to cease taking deposits from credit cards, which gamblers were simply using to funnel through PayPal and into the online casinos.  eBay promptly heeded the Attorney General's warning and PayPal paid up $200,000 in costs for the attorney's office investigation.

Nowadays, scores of third party deposit systems like PayPal are sprouting up all over the internet.  Some take credit card transactions while others don't.  Some charge for deposits, while others only do if you want the money instantly available.  The options are as diverse as the companies operating them.  Of these payment processors, some of the more common and popular are NETeller, FirePay, Money Bookers and Click 2 Pay, depending on where you reside.  Also, these three methods permit you to receive withdrawals from the online casino with certain conditons. One of the best solutions to come out of this are the new Solo and Switch European debit cards, which some think will phase out credit card gambling transactions entirely.  As of now, depending on the bank, some U.S. players are even permitted to use their debit cards at certain online casinos.  While this may be a fluke, the bottom line is that gambling with money you have is not nearly as frowned upon as gambling on credit.

The goal of this page is not to help you bypass laws of your residence in order to make deposits at an online casino.  Whether you can or not is none of my business.  However, I do intend to share with you most all of the financial processors that are deemed safe and reliable, and which will permit you to make deposits at the online casino.  The entire list is here with an in depth explanation of each.

NETeller, InstaCash, FirePay, Click2Pay, Central Coin, Wire Transfer, PrePaid ATM, Money Bookers, Gaming Card, ACH Purchase, Use My Bank, PaySmart, Citadel, My Citadel, 900Pay, eWallet Xpress, InstaDebit, ECO Card, and Bank Drafts are safe and secure deposit methods currently being accepted at various online casinos sites  Most online casinos will give players extra incentive for using these "alternative deposit methods" by usually offering 10 - 15% bonuses on all deposit amounts. They will also usually cover the expenses for using these alternative methods. The three methods I mentioned earlier, Click2Pay, NETeller and Firepay, are highly encouraged by online casinos, for these payment processors permit the casinos to "refund" money back to a players account, which the player can, in turn, withdraw.  Some are by invitation only (through the casino) such as GamingCard and PaySpark.  Whichever you decide on,  I strongly recommend that you visit each individual companies website to read over the full Terms and Conditions in addition to reading over the casinos Terms and Conditions of using their service.  This is very important because you will find slightly differing policies from casino to casino.

Click below for more information on these deposit methods:

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