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Online Casino Project will help you find which Neteller online casinos are worth the software download time. There are many casinos worthy of your wagers.
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Online Casino Project >>> Casino Deposit Methods >>> Neteller

January 17, 2007 Update - NETeller is ceasing to transfer gambling funds for U.S. players. These players may still use their NETeller accounts for non-casino gaming transactions. NETeller will continue permitting gamblers not residing in the U.S. to transfer funds to and from online casinos and other real money gambling sites...For more on this news, please read our NETeller Update. Or, read over our NETeller Alternatives.

NETeller has been processing online financial transactions since 1999.  They have over 700,000 individual accounts with businesses and eCommerce sites that are permitted to receive NETeller funds for payment. It is a free and confidential service that also offers ATM cards and a NETpoints Rewards Program for making multiple transfers.  They manage several currencies, including dollars, pounds and euros.  They cater to the Canadian market as well.

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Deposit into a NETeller account by several methods, including:

Debit Card & ATM Card deposits are processed instantly

Credit card transactions are processed in real time, meaning you will have the money instantly available to deposit in the casino. 

Online checks can be electronically made out to your NETeller account.  You must register your checking account with your NETeller account.  Funds are available in four to five business days.

Bank Wire is a direct deposit transfer from your banking account that you must phyaically set up in your bank.

Internet Banking is a highly efficient method of transferring funds from an online banking account.  It is only available to European customers, where incidentally, it is very popular.

Funds are conveniently transferred using the best security available.  Instant transactions are processed with the click of a mouse.  Simply enter you Account and Secure User ID, along with the amount of money you would like to transfer, and the money is instantly processed with 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer security.  Another employed safeguard, which also makes the service more convenient, is that account holders only need to share their personal information when they register at the Neteller website.  Thereafter, you only need to enter your unique account # and password to spend money at thousands of online websites.

InstaCash $InstaCash is a service of NETeller that will allows the transfer of funds directly from a savings or checking account. The transfer is safe and efficient, taking only two business days.  It will permit an initial deposit of $500, and up to $2,500 when the users banking account has been verified.  Verification of the bank account is the player's responsibility, which the service and online casino will explain in greater detail. 

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