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Online Casino Project >>> Casino Software >>> Boss Media Casinos


Boss Media is one of the original pioneers of online gambling, being founded during the high demand and breakthrough of online casinos in 1996.  Originally formed to operate Gold Casino (one of the internet's first casinos), Boss Media was sought after for their state-of-the-art gaming software, which incidentally bolstered Gold Casino to achieve great success. Soon after, Boss Media put their focus into creating integrated and customized casino solutions and gaming platforms for numerous clientele.

The Swedish company currently is developing technologies and doing research in the fields of mobile gaming, interactive digital television and video terminals, PDA's, personal computers, as well as lottery and bingo applications - Extending their technological reach into the areas of digital channeling and highly interactive gaming.  In February of 2004, Boss Media sold their solitary online casino in order to put more research and application in their gaming engine and transaction solutions.

Fair Gaming

Boss Media is involved with several organizations that advocate and endorse fair gaming casinos, including the Interactive Gaming Council, which is operated by the online gambling community at large to insure fair gaming standards are met and maintained by all parties involved with online gambling.  The company's presence in the organization gives credibility, and further strengthens consumer confidence in current and prospective technologies.

The Boss Media software has been determined by Technical Systems Testing (TST) to meet satisfactory standards in gaming fairness, software reliability, and auditing compatibility, which is additionally executed on a monthly basis.  TST is an international authority on gambling systems operations that include both brick 'n mortar and online casino software systems.  The company makeup consists of mathematicians, information system analysts, computer scientists and electronic engineers - all trained to diagnose and detect ill-operating software.  Consultants to TST are conferred professionals in their respected fields.

Furthering Boss Media's good name in the gambling industry is their compact with Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Again, an international authority on gaming audits, the company determined with impartial testing that the Random Number Generator (RNG) operating the software's winner disbursements was in accordance with acceptable percentages, and that all results were unpredictable, random, and entirely fair.  Additionally, Boss Media's client online casinos also subject themselves to the monthly audit of Price Waterhouse Coopers, insuring the software's continuing reliability and fairness.

Boss Media also plays a role in the World Lottery Association, holding the status of Gold Contributor.  The company's contributions and devotion to sustaining the lottery industry has been recognized by the Association, in addition to Boss Media's own commitment to advocating and exercising standard gaming regulations and business integrity.

Software Features

Boss Media's fully integrated gambling solution includes a casino platform and gaming engine that is customizable to each online casino operators specific needs.  Casino games are tailored with user-friendly player interfaces that allow for customized background music, dealer voices and casino lobby/game sound effects.  The gaming engine provides realistic 32 bit graphics which resembles fluid robotic motion in real-time playing speed.

The repertoire of games includes standard casino games, fixed odds games such as the infamous keno game, Duck Race, as well as probability games, online bingo, and a poker room devoted solely to traditional games of poker.  Boss Media also facilitates lotteries by providing digital lottery tickets which user's scratch off themselves.

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