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Online Casino Project >>> Reputable Casino Software Reviews

We begin our review of the most reputable providers of online casino software by simply telling you who they are. Each individual software review of the companies listed below provides casino reviews of the top-rated sites using that particular software platform to power their online gaming and back-end operations.  For a breakdown and history regarding how software developers have helped to shape and fashion the online casino gambling industry to this day, please read on further:

Microgaming Casinos | Playtech Casinos | Cryptologic Casinos | RTG Casinos
OddsOn Casinos (Vegas Technology) | Boss Media Casinos | Rival Gaming Casinos

The Importance of Casino Software Developers...

One cannot overestimate the role and importance of the major online casino software developers in operation today.  In actuality, there is not a large amount of individual companies in operation - at least on the same scale that online casinos are on.  Yet, there are a handful of software developers which the entire online gambling industry is founded on.  Of those that are not considered "major", unfortunately come with a bad stigma that is not fair to all of them.  Called propriety companies, although some of these may have sovereign and ethical intentions, it is difficult for smaller casino software companies, who are incidentally powering smaller, and less recognizable online casinos, to undergo the large-scale regulation and game fairness standards which the larger online casinos and gaming developers can afford.

Why this stigma is so hard to erase is because the whole notion of whether online gambling is considered fair and not rigged by online casinos rests in the perceptions on the gaming software.  It is a hard climb to develop a gaming platform that not only can keep up with the current developers, but to also attract online casino operators who can be trusted at large, or who already have an established reputation.  The stand-alone software developers have grown so large that most all new online casinos who are hoping for immediate success on the internet are turning to these companies to help them get started.  First of all, since these large software manufacturers have built excellent reputations of trust and fairness, casinos are one step ahead in bringing in new players by associating themselves with the software name.  The second reason why turning to these companies is in a new casinos best interest is that most of these "casinos" are merely investors who do not know the slightest bit about the online gambling industry.  The software companies who have been around since online gaming first began in 1996 know the details and minutia about starting and running an online casino, which any investor who is putting their money on the line would insure as well. 

Furthermore, these casino software developers do not need to put their good names at risk by leasing their technology to casino operators who may partake in illegal activities.  This is why the developers will often step up to resolve player disputes with casinos, if they happen to arise.  At this stage of online gambling, it is the online casinos responsibility to insure gaming fairness.  However, picking an online casino is an entirely different matter.  Just remember that if the software is bad to begin with, so will the online casino.  Pick a good software provider, and your chances of picking a good casino are enormously greater.  And like I said, the good software providers take tremendous care in who they allow to operate their software packages.

So it remains that unless an online casino is powered by one of these large, established gaming software developers, many gamblers and third party casino auditing firms will not recommend playing at such a casino.  As mentioned, this is not entirely warranted, but just like the nature of gambling, the online industry is extremely competitive and does have a tendency to attract misleading and predatory money seekers.  There are many companies on the Web who offer to help in starting a proprietary online casino, which just doesn't go far with many gamblers these days.  It is likely you have seen a website or two with a title tag like "Own Your Own Casino".  Unfortunately, many of these sites are associated with mass gambling site rings, and are not associated with software developers who have passed the tests of time.  Many of these sites come and go, never seeing the light of day. These are the types of casinos that many gamblers and casino watchdogs warn about playing.  However, the decision of picking an online casino, and consequently a software provider, is entirely yours to make.

Which casino software developers are trustworthy?

It makes sense to play at an online casino that you absolutely know you can trust, and who is offering just as competitive bonuses and odds, rather than a casino offering the same but who has yet to develop a reputation.  If this casino is smart enough, and has the bankroll they claim to have, (which they must in order to come close to competing with established casinos) they will stick around long enough to develop a reputation, good or bad.  Think of it in the same light as real land-based gambling.  Las Vegas does not exist through the efforts of thousands of small to medium-sized casinos, but rather through the mass appeal of a few extremely large gambling companies, such as Harrahs and MGM.  If we were to create a correspondence of these gambling giants, the top online casino software developers that are regarded with reputations of being trustworthy and fair, would be PlayTech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming, Vegas Technology and Boss Media. There are more, yet these providers are amongst the best.

Do not misunderstand that game fairness is the only consideration in picking an online casino.  The actual functionality of the software, graphics, and player account security are major factors as well.  Referred to as the gaming engine, the entire package of casino software governs all these aforementioned components, and is quite similar between software developers and even more similar between online casinos using the same software.  All of the major developers I mentioned above provide technologies operating on the same level, such as payment processors and player account trackers.  Different casinos with the same software merely use a different shade of makeup, if you will.  Promotional offers and the cosmetics of the site, such as the look of a particular table game, will be different;  However, the technology of the software's player/gaming interface and graphics will be precisely the same.

The history of online gambling cannot be recounted without mentioning the powerhouse software manufacturers like Cryptologic, PlayTech and Microgaming.  These companies helped found the billion dollar industry which we all know today.  To learn more about the development of the gaming industry itself, and how these software developers helped shape it, read the corresponding write-ups on each of these online giants.

Please read our page on No-Download Casinos for more information pertaining to Flash Software.

Click below for more information on these reputable casino software providers:

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