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Online Casino Project>>>Casino Reviews>>>UK Fruit Machines

If you are simply looking for online fruit machines to play, a
large selection of the online gaming industry's best can be played for free or with real money at the following featured casinos:

Intercasino UK | 32 Red Casino | Roxy Palace Casino | Club UK Casino | Featured UK Casinos

If you would like to learn more about both land-based and online UK fruit machines, please read on:

Fruit Machines. Just the name alone sounds fun. Not to be confused with the film The Fruit Machine or the fruit machine used by the Royal Canadian Mountain Police in the fifties and sixties to diagnose homosexuals (brazenly absurd, but true...look it up), the fruit machine we are talking about here are those whose purpose is for gambling and entertainment.

England is given credit for affectionately giving their slot machines the title of "fruit machine", where they can now be found in just about every betting parlor and club in the UK. Essentially the same as a slot machine (aside from how the machines are played and offering certain elements of skill and pseudo-skill), fruit machines are aptly named in the sense that many of their reel symbols were originally fruits - Namely, the quintessential and ubiquitous stemmed cherries.

So what are the differences between a standard slot and fruit machine? The first and most relevant is that a standard UK fruit machine will only have one payline, while slots (video slots in particular) have many paylines. There is also a difference in the jackpots that each type of machine divvies out. While typical video slots like those found in Las Vegas will award maximum jackpots in the thousands, fruit machines usually cap out around 500. Depending on whether the fruit machine is found in a pub or a club, the max payout will vary. Pub machines usually pay from 15 to 75 and club machines can pay up to 500. Please note here that club machines will have four fruit reels and one numbered reel (five total), while pub machines will have three fruit reels and one numbered reel (four total).

Another difference between slots and fruities could be attributed to a difference in mindsets of both the manufacturers and players. While U.S. slots are packaged with elaborate bonus offers, U.K. fruit machines offer simple and modest bonuses without all the hoopla. There are some players who believe the most prominent difference between the two machines is that players can influence the outcome on fruit machines, while slot machines are entirely random and subject to chance. There are many smart gamblers who beg to differ and proclaim that the "nudge" and "hold" mechanisms on fruit machines are simply a way to encourage players into a mode of wishful thinking. Ultimately, chance and luck are the largest factors for winning at both slots and fruities.

However, there is something relevant to be said for making the most of one's nudges/holds and knowing what to look for when on the bonus trails. Nudges are the means by which players can nudge the reels up or down to hit different symbols and holds allow players to opt to keep the reels just the way they are (great for when a low payout is already guaranteed). The bonus trail is what players have to complete through a series of challenges and pseudo skill challenges in order to make it to a feature board. Bonus trails are initiated after hitting a particular symbol combination, just like a bonus round or game feature at video slots.

Let it be known that emulators have shown that some fruit machines actually cheat the players and will change outcomes depending on the input and choices a player makes. However, the vast majority of fruit machines do not operate in this way. For our purposes here, we guarantee that all of the online fruit machines we recommend to players are programmed with fair odds an high payouts (please read on further for these recommendations). That being said, for the UK online gambler, finding a traditional online fruit machine is more difficult than a standard online slot machine. Currently, there are only two major software providers of fruit machines, which incidentally, happen to be two of the best and most respected software developers in the entire online casino gambling industry - Microgaming and Cryptologic. But first, let's talk some tips and terms.

Non-virtual fruit machines can sometimes be accurately gauged to determine when they are going to payout, or at least, when they are more likely to payout than other times. Unfortunately, in the online world, players will not get to put the notions of 'backing' and 'forcing' to use. A machine that is said to be 'backing' has taken back the money it has already paid out, and so is more likely to payout in the near future. If you can see the hopper tubes in the machine (through the reels), and they are full, the machine could be ready to payout. However, players should keep in mind that operators often fill the tubes so that the machine looks like it is ready to payout, but in actuality, is still filling up its cashbox. A better way to tell if a machine is backing is to listen for the coin falling into the bottom of the machine, rather than in the hoppers. 'Forcing' a machine is the act of not taking out any wins and thereby setting the machine back.

Since we are talking about playing online fruit machines here and now, backing and forcing will get you nowhere. Like online slot machines, online fruit machines are governed by Random Number Generators, which yes, divulge winnings in a random and unpredictable manner. There is no telling sign for deciphering when a machine is going to payout. Minimum payout percentages will still be met, yet the machine awards winnings depending on the exact millisecond at which the Random Number Generator generates the spin outcomes.

The best strategy players can use online is knowing when to hold, nudge and walk away. Most players will advise to hold if already guaranteed a payout, rather than risking that payout for a greater one through the act of nudging. Knowing which reels to hold and which to nudge is as simple as being familiar with the pay table. Study the pay table ahead of time so you can make specific choices in this regard. The fruit machine is not going to give the best payout by default. If the player does not know any better, the machine is certainly not going to tell them. Regarding skill bonuses, these are really pseudo-skill, and so depend on good fortune. Depending on how far along the bonus trail you have made it, you would be wise to walk away with your winnings the majority of the time.

Hopefully, the above information helps to clarify the differences between fruit machines and standard reel/video slots. As mentioned earlier, there are two major software developers who have developed what we consider to be outstanding U.K. online fruit machines. Both Cryptologic and Microgaming have been around since the beginning of the online gambling industry and have proven themselves to be reliable, professional and trustworthy.

UK online casinos using Cryptologic Software offer three different types of fruit machines at this time, including Fruit Fight, Super Side Show and Marvel slots The Hulk. Both Fruit Fight  and Super Side Show come in 25p, 50p and 1 coin denominations, awards a top jackpot of up to 2,000 and features holds, nudges, Hi/Lo Gamble and bonus trails. The Hulk, which is part of Cryptologic's popular Marvel series of slots, comes in 50p, 1 and 5 coin denominations, awards a max jackpot of 10,000 with a possible win repeater, and features holds, nudges, Hi/Lo Gamble and bonus trails.

UK online casinos using Microgaming Software offer seven different online fruit machines, including The Gee Gees, You Lucky Bastard, Who Wants to be a Stallionaire, Cash 'n' Curry, Pub Fruity, Chavin' it Large and Game On! All games offer coins for 10p, 25p, 50p, 1, 2, 5 and 10 except for Pub Fruity, which comes in 10p, 25p, 50p and 1. All machines offer holds and nudges (Pub Fruity just has nudges, with Drinks Trail, Free Spins and a Darts Game), while a Skill Stop Bonus Game can be played at Chavin' it Large, You Lucky Bastard and Game On. Cash 'n Curry, Who Wants to be a Stallionaire and The Gee Gees offer Trail Board Bonuses (Triple Trail Board at The Gee Gees). Pub Fruity pays a max jackpot up to 1,000 on the Dart Game Bonus, Chavin' it Large and You Lucky Bastard award a max jackpot of 2,500, Game On! pays out a top jackpot of 10,000 with a possible win repeater, Cash 'n Curry and Who Wants to be Stallionaire payout a max jackpot of 5,000 with a win repeater up to 20,000, and The Gee Gees payout a top jackpot of a straight 20,000.

A large selection of online fruit machines can be played for free or with real money at the following featured casinos: Roxy Palace Casino | Club World Casino | Featured UK Casinos

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