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Roulette Tips

Online Casino Project is fully aware that there are not any roulette tips that will tilt the odds in your favor. There are however, some simple and roulette strategies you can follow so you don't give the casino an advantage any bigger than it needs to be. Please check our gambling tips section for more online casino tips and strategies.


Online Casino Project >>> Roulette Tips

In an attempt to be as unbiased as possible about the game of roulette, I will, at most, point out there are several "systems" or invented strategies in existence, which claim to guarantee success at the roulette table.  And just as much as we all know that success cannot be guaranteed at any game of chance, we all know that these systems cannot be guaranteed as well.  However, systems have proven to be successful to some devoted roulette players who have managed to use them in a way that productively minimizes the inherent weaknesses of the system.  On the other hand, if players do the research for themselves, they will see there is a unanimous agreement between actuaries, mathematicians and legitimate gambling professionals that the structure of roulette does not allow for the implementation of a bona fide strategy such as the basic blackjack strategy.  Perhaps a jerry-rigged system is all it takes.  It is up to you to decide.

Therefore, on this page, player's will not find an infallibly self-proclaimed roulette strategy.  Rather, only sound tips related to playing the game with some form of structure and regularity, which in effect, could be called a strategy in itself, are offered for the player's use.  If you would like to know more about some of the most popular systems used at roulette, please see the comprehensive tips at the bottom of this page.  Our recommendation is that if you are intrigued and curious about using a system, that you do your research and learn the system inside and out.  After doing so, put the system into action at a number of practice gambling sessions.  If you are like some of the European gambles who have successfully customized a system so that it returns a small and steady profit, it may well be worth a go.

Before searching for the appropriate casino to play online roulette, which is an important factor before playing the game, the roulette player needs to be soundly informed about the rules of the game, and understand each and every bet or action that can potentially be made (See the 'Roulette Rules' page).  Beginning with the different types of bets one will see there is a vast assortment of payout odds and House Edge.

In order of payout odds, the roulette bets are as follows:

  • The even money bets (red/black, high/low, and even/odd) payout 1:1

  • The dozens and column bet pays out 2:1

  • The five-number bet pays out 5:1

  • The corner bet pays out 8:1

  • The street bet pays out 11:1

  • The split bet pays out 17:1

  • The straight-up bet pays out 35:1

For any player who is seeking to place some kind of structure on his or her bankroll, the even money bets, dozens, and column bets are the safest choices.  The even money bets produce the lowest House Edge of all the roulette wagers - in conjunction with the en prison rule the House Edge is lowered even more.  As is the case at any casino game, it is important to place the majority of one's wagers with the bets offering the lowest Casino Advantage.  This isn't to say that a player should cease from some of the more chancy wagers like the street, split or straight-up.  These are very exciting bets to make, and can and do produce some large winners at the wheel.  However, it is to say that these bets should not be made as often as the even money bets if the player is planning to gamble at online roulette for an indefinite length of time.  Furthermore, if one of these bets does happen to win, this might be a very good time to walk away, depending on your bankroll status. Keep in mind that all the bets on the roulette table naturally return a 5.25% Casino Advantage (except the five-number bet), although there are some situations when this advantage can be lowered to 2.6% and 1.3%.  With this in mind, here are the best non-system related tips that will help a player hold out at the roulette table:

Tip #1 ------- Play the European version of Roulette

Most online casinos will offer both the American and European versions of roulette. The only excuse for not playing the standard European version is ignorance, because the American version produces a higher House Edge.  European roulette does not offer the 00 on the wheel, thereby taking one more bet out of the equation, and lowering the House Edge to approximately 2.6% - the lowest edge at the table.

Tip #2 ------- Place more even money bets than other wagers

The even money wagers will give the player the lowest House Edge at online roulette.   These are the Red/Black, High/Low and Even/Odd bets, which have a 50/50 chance of winning. With these bets, a 1.3% House Edge is obtainable, and will help a bankroll hold out longer with more positive return.  Additionally, it is only the even money bets that qualify for the "en prison" rule (see tip #3), which will bring the House Edge down even more.

Tip #3 ------- Play a roulette table that offers the en prison or la partage rule

With this rule in place, which not all casinos offer, (and so therefore is a subject worth looking into when picking an online casino to play roulette at) the House Edge can be brought down to 1.35%.  It states that when a 0 (and 00 for the American version) is landed by the roulette ball, all even money bets are not lost, but are rather afforded the opportunity to stay on the board for the next bet, or be taken back by the player.  In the long run, this rule can be the deciding factor on whether a player ends in the red or not.  It may not even come into play during a round of roulette.  However, the fact that it can be exercised is quite reassuring, made evident by a House Edge reduced by half.  Las partage, also called the Surrender rule, governs even money wagers in the same fashion, except that it returns half of the wager, thereby returning a 2.6% House Edge.

Tip #4 ------- Do not place the five-number bet

The five-number bet, simply put, gives a House Edge of 7.3%.  This is the highest casino advantage of any other roulette wager, and should always be avoided.  With 5 to 1 payout odds, a player is better off taking the 8 to 1 payout on a corner bet.

As one can see, an approach to playing roulette can still be based on the numbers, as few as they might be.  The Casino advantage and odds still change from bet to bet, but do so in such a way that making a wise wager choice is easy to not second-guess oneself over.

More Roulette Tips, Rules and Pointers:

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