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Online Casino Project >>> Slots Tips

When the notion of playing online slot machines with a strategy becomes the topic of conversation, many will argue it can't be done, and that the best a slots player can do, in regards to implementing a playing strategy, is to manage their bankroll responsibly.  Others will argue that while this point holds some truth, the entire truth is that a slot player can implement more strategy than simply monitoring one's winnings and losses.  Some players promulgate the theory of "quitting while your ahead" or setting a time limit on one's gambling round, while others would rather impose a limit on their losses.  Some gamblers simply play until getting tired - and if they happen to be ahead - so much the better.

What is it that has molded the slot machine into such a popular pastime?  Well, just as there are different ideas on how to play slots, there are just as many different reasons for playing slots.  The excitement of the game, spinning reels, flashing lights and vibrant sounds are large factors, but probably not as factoring as the "promise" of winning the ultimate jackpot.  The lack of intimidation of the machine - consisting of putting in a coin, pushing a button, pulling down the arm, or in this case, clicking the mouse in a self-explanatory manner - is undoubtedly a major draw for players as well.  And whether players are biding their time to win that bountiful jackpot, or managing their money to double a $100 bankroll, the fact remains - Online slots are the largest commodity in a casino.

Considering our own experiences with online slots, and the experiences of gamblers at large, the most sound slots strategy, in our opinion, is one that incorporates elements of what many players each say is their key to success.  This is the whole premise of Online Casino Project - Bringing together all the knowledge and insight of as many gamblers as possible, thereby combining the lessons of each players experience into one master lesson, if you will.  That being said, the very first thing a slot player should do is pick the right kind of machine.  And in order to do that, one must know what their expectations of playing slots is.  If, for instance, a player is looking for a limited time of action and is only concerned with winning some extra cash and walking away, he or she could probably rule out slot machines with stakes under $1.  If, however, a player is looking to stretch their bankroll as long as possible, picking a machine with a single payline and $.050 wagers would be a wise choice.  If the player has nothing to lose and only sees the ultimate jackpot looming in the distance, a large progressive jackpot slot would be the best suited slot machine.  The tips below reveal there are more factors to a slot strategy than simply picking a machine.  Usually, one tip will lead into the next - hopefully shedding some light for players who desire to experience slot machines armed with tools to help win, rather than blind luck.

Tip #1 --------- Know Your Slot Gambling Expectations
As was just mentioned, knowing what you want out of a slot machine is the first thing a player should determine.  If it is a large jackpot, the player should play a progressive slot.  And, depending on one's bankroll size, should pick a progressive jackpot correspondingly.  For players searching to hold out at the machine as long as possible, (for the longer one can hold out, the more chances they will have at the jackpot), a player should ponder the betting requirements of the machine.  If the machine requires a large minimum wager, the player may want to consider playing a progressive one size down - And although will not be playing for as large a jackpot, will, none the less, be playing for a large sum of money while not putting too large a dent in their bankroll.  (Remember, in order to be eligible for the jackpot, a player must put down the maximum wager for each payline).  For players looking to double a small bankroll, they should consider playing a single line machine with smaller betting limits.  Although many advise to always bet the maximum amount at a slot, for straight machines this is not as important (unless a bonus multiplier is in the equation, as described in Tip #4)  A safe strategy is to play $0.25 bets at a machine with a single payline offering maximum winnings of $250.  With a $100 bankroll, $0.25 bets will last a while, in hopes that the reels will match up to payout the $250.

Tip #2 --------- Always Practice and Get to Know Your Slot Machine
After picking the right online casino and determining what type of slot machine to play, a player should be familiar with all the casino games and slot machines.  Remember that online casinos will permit players to play free Flash versions of their games with fake practice money.  This is a highly recommended practice.  One: A player knows if the casino software is enjoyable to play or not; And two: They will have narrowed down the potential slot machines worth playing.  If the player has not already determined what their playing expectations are as stated in Rule #1, now would be a good time to.  For instance, if the player knows they are looking for a game to play for an indefinite length of time and with a small bankroll, this automatically rules out any large progressive jackpots with $2 payline minimums.  Also included in the practice of the machine, a player should become familiar with the payout table.  This is important - hence the basis for Tip #3.

Tip #3 --------- Know the Payout Table Back and Forth
Some online slots will post the payout table alongside the playing screen, while others require the player to click on a tab that says "Payout Table".  Since the latter can be more frustrating, (having to click back and forth between the two) it is advisable to copy the payout table on a scratch sheet of paper.  And although the casino software will inform the player of any winnings (usually by highlighting the exact combo on the table or running a line through the matching symbols (for multi-line machines), it is still a safe move to have a copy of the payout table for reference at all times.  This especially holds true for multi-spin slots, which let players place a free initial spin, with options of putting symbols on Hold for the final spin.  If there was an excellent time to incorporate strategy at a slot game, this would be it.  For instance, if a player hits a "Wild card" symbol on the free spin, it would be foolish to not put it on Hold.  And by knowing the payout table, a player will know which symbols and in what combinations should be put on Hold for a multi-spin slot machine.

Tip #4 --------- Always Bet the Max at Progressives and Bonus Multipliers
In order to be eligible for the large progressive jackpot, a player will be required to bet the maximum amount on all the paylines at once.  Please do not confuse this with the "Bet One" button many online slots include with their machines.  This button is simply a way of betting a single wager over (usually up to five times) on a single spin.  The progressive jackpot, however, does not require multiple bets, but does require the maximum wager amount to be bet on each payline for a single spin.  The same holds true for bonus multipliers, which are options on straight slots that pay bonuses when particular reel combos are hit.  These bonuses are usually generous, and if offered, should be played for every time.  The maximum wager on all paylines must be bet for the multiplier to be activated.  If one of these is hit, all prior losses will generally be recovered - with some profit left remaining.  Remember, when determining your gambling expectations, if you are going for large winnings, always bet the maximum on progressives and multipliers.

Tip #5 --------- Know When to Quit
The downfall of many online slots players is the downfall of many gamblers in general: Greed.  Many gamblers have told how they were up in profit after winning one or several big payoffs, but in their quest to win even more, ended up vanquishing their entire bankroll.  Whether chasing one's losses, or playing recklessly with one's bankroll, the usual suspect and deciding cause is a players greed.  This is why many players advise to quit when a slot win generates at least a 25% in bankroll revenue.  For some players this percentage is more.  All in all, a good stopping point is when the player has profited one hundred times their wager amount.  For $1 bets, this means a $100 win is a good time to wrap it up. (Even if this means breaking even) If winnings are not so much of an issue, the player may opt to continue gambling - And when half of the initial $100 profit is lost, may decide to quit.  Whatever the player is expecting to get out of the gambling session (as set forth in Tip #1) will decide what action the player should take. Just remember to be satisfied with a humble take, and to never - under any circumstances - chase after losses.

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