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Online Casino Project >>> Wagering Requirements

Online casinos require many things of their members.  Of these requirements, there is one type that players seem to know the least about.  All online casinos enforce wager requirements on their members.  And although this is not the same thing as a betting limit - meaning the minimum and maximum stake sizes - the "wager requirement" that is imposed on free cash bonuses is greatly affected by the betting limit of each casino game.

Regarding free cash bonuses, they are a great incentive to many online gamblers looking for a casino to gamble at.  New online gamblers are especially drawn to the large numbers and the "too good to be true" allure of the free cash bonus.  Addressing this, here we will talk about casino bonuses in general, including how to obtain them after downloading the software, as well as the bonus wager requirement - showing how players can ultimately gain an understanding of how to meet all the conditions of a casino bonus offer. Please read our Casino Bonuses page for more detailed information and a selection of the best casino bonuses currently being offered.

Picking your free cash bonus.....or not.

Some players prefer to abstain from gambling with casino bonus money in order to not be obligated by any wager requirements and withdrawal restrictions.   This is perfectly fine, although most players should realize they are going to gamble their money many times over, which in the long run, will be enough to meet reasonable wager requirements anyways.

If you decide to go for the bonus, this is the time when you have to determine which gambling games are eligible with the bonus.  This is very important because the casino software will let you gamble at any game you like.  However, in order to cash your bonus out, you are restricted at gambling the bonus amount so many times over at selective games.  Real convenient, right?  Don't worry, this is the case at all online casinos, although some of the game restrictions are different.  In order to find out the terms and conditions of the bonus, on the homepage of the casino, click on any link that says something in regards to "Promotions" or "Bonus". (If you see a download screen pop up, close it out and click on a different link - this is the casinos way of ever-so-generously commencing a download of their software - and you are not ready for this yet)

Next, you will probably reach a page that lists the casinos different promotions and various bonuses.  Find your bonus and look to see where the "Terms and Conditions" link is.  In order for an online casino bonus to be valid, the casino must display the Bonus Terms and Conditions on their site.

Read through this section and you will find out all you need to know about your bonus, including how to claim it.  If it is a comprehensive bonus, meaning it involves multiple deposits, be sure to read the individual terms covering each deposit.  The wager requirement for a bonus will say something along the lines of:

"In the interest of fair gaming, in order to withdraw any sum of money, the player is required to wager at least fifteen times (15x) the bonus plus deposit."

The wager requirement is the number (usually ranging from 8 to 40) followed by an 'x'. (Due to past high incidences of player bonus abuse, wager requirements are typically higher these days on average, usually ranging around the 30x mark).  However, statistics show that even moderate gamblers will far exceed the 30x wagering mark when betting with their original deposit.

Some bonuses will restrict players from meeting the wager requirements while playing strategy games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Baccarat, whereas other bonuses will permit select strategy games to go towards meeting the wager requirement.  Especially with comprehensive, multiple deposit bonuses, players will be restricted from certain games on the initial deposit, but will be permitted to play blackjack, for instance, on all the subsequent deposits of the bonus.  Another common bonus term is one in which the player is allowed to play strategy games towards meeting the bonus wager requirement with added conditions.  For instance, a bonus may require a player to gamble the bonus amount over 10x before cashing it out.  Let's say that Blackjack is not permitted to help meet this 10x requirement.  However, if the player still wants to play Blackjack, they can still do so, but with the wager requirement raised to 40x. I have seen some bonuses, usually slightly lower in amount, require only an 8x wager, and only exempt from Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo.

Now do you see why it is important to know what game you might like to play before jumping on just any online casino bonus?  If you are new to online gambling, it is our recommendation here at OCC to find a bonus that will allow blackjack to go towards meeting your wager requirement, even if it is only 2% - hopefully no more than a 15x wager requirement.  The bonus may be of a lower amount, but it will save you bankroll in the long run.

There are a few other tips you should know about bonuses, besides meeting the wager requirement.  First of all, most of them are Match/Percent Bonuses, meaning the bonus will either match your deposit amount up to a certain limit, or even double or triple it.  For instance, a 200% bonus on a $100 deposit would give you $200, producing a total of $300 to gamble with.  (Remember, the more the bonus, the stricter the terms and conditions usually i.e. wager requirement)  Also, when claiming your bonus, be sure to do so according to the casinos directions.  After making your initial deposit, some casinos process bonuses in a matter of hours, while other may require the player to request the bonus, which will usually consist of simply sending an email to the casinos customer support team stating,

"I have qualified for (enter which bonus)  My username is (enter user name)"

Following this email, the casino will deposit the bonus into your account. The best online casino cashiers will process a bonus request in under six hours. Some casinos require players to claim the bonus first before making a deposit, or in some cases, request not to receive the bonus (which may be automatically given with a players first deposit).

Also, if your bonus requires multiple deposits to receive more bonus money, you must make the subsequent deposits within a required time frame (usually within one week - although each bonus will be different)  Be sure to read the terms and conditions covering each individual deposit pertaining to the bonus.

What a player should always know about Bonus Terms & Conditions:

  • Wager Requirements - Commonly ranging from 8x to 40x, wager requirements are game specific

  • For large cash bonuses, games such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo usually do not qualify for meeting the wager requirement.  If they do, it is usually more near 40x or above.

  • 40x is the average amount a gambler will bet their bankroll while staying at an online casino.

  • The more the bonus amount, the stricter the wager requirements.

  • Multiple Deposit Bonuses have different wager requirements for each deposit.

Remember, always read the Terms & Conditions of the bonus.  When you decide on one, print out a copy of the T&C's for your records.  Whatever you do, don't let a wager requirement rule over you while you are gambling.  In other words, do not think about how many more hands it will take before you can cash out your bonus.  This will only take you out of the game, and will tempt you to chase after losses or do other mindless things you would normally not while gambling in the online casino.  Stick to your betting limits...And play with a cool head at all times.

Additional Tips and Information About Casino Bonuses:


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